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Arcade Tactics Action!

Outfight and outwit your enemies in this turn-based tactics game. Use each unit's unique abilities and the terrain around you to your advantage to thwart your opponent's plans and reign supreme!

Use Terrain To Your Advantage

Push, pull, teleport, and displace your enemies onto traps to deal additional damage and apply status effects between rounds. If you are able to escape the trap before the new round starts, you can cheat fate.

Reclaim Your Territory From The Terran Menace

Defeat monsters in single player that have their own characteristics and personalities. Monster can appear in multiplayer games as well to add some unpredictability to the action. (If you want to keep things purely strategic, you can disable them in multiplayer matches in the options.)

Build Your Own Unique Army

With 14 different unit roles to choose from, you can create your own unique combinations to build your own personal army! Experiment with different units to find synergies and force multipliers to improve your chances of victory.

Play It Smart With Unit Skills

Each player-controlled unit has several unique abilities that define that unit's play style. Launch powerful attacks, rescue allies, bully enemies and ignite the landscape with these awesome powers! Green actions are free actions that can combo with other abilities for extra power and trickery.

Accomplish Your Objectives

Each map is built around a different primary objective, with some having multiple win conditions. You only have to complete one of the objectives to win, so if you're falling behind and defeat looks certain, change up your strategy and go for an alternate victory!

Change The Landscape

Many maps have special interactive entities among the terrain that let you change the tide of battle. Use them to their maximum potential!

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super-sol-standard-windows-demo.zip 485 MB
Version 0.5.0
super-sol-standard-macos-demo.zip 486 MB
Version 0.5.0
super-sol-standard-linux-demo.zip 485 MB
Version 0.5.0

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